76.1 Pendant Light
76.1 Pendant Light
76.1 Pendant Light
76.1 Pendant Light

76.1 Pendant Light

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A vacuum is introduced to a strata composed of hot white and clear glass with copper mesh between; the vacuum causes the white layer to pull away through the embedded mesh, leaving numerous tendrils of white glass suspended within an interstitial space as it goes.

The 76.1 has 4 canopy options, visible in the gallery images, or here.

Please note, all of the 76.1m options do not attach directly to a junction box and the transformers must be remote mounted.

Each pendant comes with a 1-watt LED lamp and a transformer.

76.1 Standard Canopy Specifications

76.1M Mini Canopy Specifications 
76.1MI Mini Innie Canopy Specifications 
76.1MO Mini Outie Canopy Specifications 

Design by Omer Arbel 
Made in Vancouver, Canada

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